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Copperstate Farms is so much more than a grow house. Although we started by growing flower, we have branched out as we’ve grown to offer an extensive range of products. We are committed to the quality of our products and we are always testing for patient safety.


With 50 medical marijuana strains in production and another 50 in development, we are harvesting flower on a daily basis to supply our wholesale distribution and retail-ready brands. Our whole spectrum, sungrown flower has diverse cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Each unit goes through our rigorous Qualitative Analysis process based on GMP/AQL standards and potency testing from ISO accredited laboratories. Additionally, all our flower is tested for patient safety, which includes testing for fungus, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents.

custom PRE-rolls

Every day, our processing department curates custom pre-rolls for distribution. We produce an array of sizes, ranging from a ¼ gram to up to 2 grams. Our pre-rolls are ground from the best quality flower using RAW Cones. The curation of the flower includes bud selection for the overall highest level of trichomes, moisture content, and appropriate density. The flower is sifted for removal of all trim, seeds, and stems.  Ultimately, our curation and process creates pre-rolls which have high potency, smooth smoke, and even burn.


Our extraction lab team produces extracts in all formats for our retail-ready brands, as well as for wholesale distribution. We have a fully food-grade GMP production, with consistent results that are backed by laboratory testing. We also have strain-specific, solvent-free terpenes for a higher purity, more cannabis-refined product. Our distillate is always tested for patient safety with tests that include fungus, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. All our processes and extractions are Vitamin E Acetate free!


Our hydrocarbon lab produces the entire spectrum of medical marijuana concentrates for our retail-ready brands and for wholesale distribution. Our extraction processes utilize fresh frozen input material to ensure that the full terpene profile of the strain is preserved. We use UHP grade, 99.9%+ n-butane as an extraction solvent. The n-butane and flower is chilled and maintained at cryogenic temperatures during the extraction process to ensure minimal plant lipids are extracted during the process.  This results in a product with higher clarity, ultimately giving our customers a smoother experience. Our hydrocarbon lab produces Live Resin, Shatter, Pull ‘n Snap, Batter, Budder, Sauce, and Diamonds.


Using our fully food-grade GMP production, we produce three ratios of tinctures that are currently available – 4:1, 1:1, and 1:10 (CBD:THC). We use pure, fractionated coconut oil (MCT) as a base, and utilize all-natural flavoring ingredients that are lab-tested to verify quality.


Our 2,500 square foot commercial kitchen is fully equipped to handle an array of medical marijuana edibles . We use state-of-the-art equipment for the most precise and effective edibles. These include: a large walk-in refrigerator, induction burners, precise infusion equipment, a double-guitar candy slicer, a 60-qt stand-up floor mixer, multiple stainless steel workstations, two maple-top wooden workstations, a high-end chocolate coating machine, and a three-compartment sanitation area with a high-heat dishwasher and approved calibrated scales.


What is a cannabis brand without swag?! Check out our merchandise and represent your favorite Copperstate Farms brands.

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