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We’re creating a better kind of cannabis company. We aspire to high standards, take pride in our work, and drive for results every day. We are bringing together best practices from big agriculture, consumer packaged goods, and pharmaceutical industries to create one of the top medical marijuana companies in North America.

Why Snowflake?

Snowflake is in eastern Arizona about three hours from Phoenix, positioned ideally atop the Colorado Plateau at 5,600 feet above sea level. It offers some of the best year-round weather anywhere in the American southwest, with an average of 300 days of sun.

The Farm at Snowflake was built in 1998 as a hydroponic tomato greenhouse in what is now recognized as an ideal geography and climate for farming.

In 2016, Copperstate Farms acquired the Snowflake assets from NatureSweet. Now, Copperstate Farms is one of the largest medical marijuana greenhouses in Arizona and in the United States.

Welcome to Snowflake Arizona


At Copperstate Farms, we pride ourselves on our six core values: Aspire to be the Best & Work with the Best, Integrity & Passion, Compassion, Respect & Mindfulness, Inclusivity, Community & Teamwork, Nourishment, Results Driven Commitment. These values work together to form the foundation of every decision we make, keeping us grounded as we continue to grow and make an impact in Arizona and beyond.

Our Core Values
Copperstate Farms Growth

Copperstate's GROWTH PLAN

The larger that Copperstate Farms grows, the lower our production costs become. We started operations as a greenhouse grow and processing facility. Over time, we have added a full-scale commercial kitchen, extraction lab, hydrocarbon lab, and we continue to add more capabilities. We are already one of the largest greenhouses for cannabis in North America and the #1 wholesale cannabis company in Arizona. We have 50 different cannabis strains currently in production, with 50 in development. We are climbing our way up as one of the top cannabis companies in the United States.

copperstate BY THE NUMBERS

From canopy size to number of employees, we’ve highlighted below some of the numbers we’re most proud of that truly speak to what we’re trying to accomplish here at Copperstate Farms.

Square feet of greenhouse canopy
Largest employer in Snowflake, AZ with 350 employees
Top wholesaler for cannabis in AZ
The number of Sol Flower dispensaries
Copperstate Flower Logo

SUNGROWN and all-natural

One of the most important growth factors in cannabis is light – light quality, light intensity, and photoperiod. The Farm is ideally situated in Snowflake, providing over 300 days of sunshine bolstered by higher intensity sunlight given our higher elevation at 5,600 feet.

Sun-grown wellness is the special ingredient behind Copperstate’s high-quality cannabis products. Cannabis grown under the sun receives the beneficial impact of nature’s full-spectrum light, covering all wavelengths. This helps produce the most desirable terpene and cannabinoid profiles, ultimately resulting in a more complete product and medicine for our patients. Moreover, this makes use of the free energy from the sun, providing a sustainable solution for cannabis cultivation versus indoor warehouse grows.

To ensure the medicine we provide is clean of both pests and harsh chemical residue, our Integrated Pest Management program utilizes only organic products listed in the OMRI (Organic Materials Review). And we are developing a nutrient recycling program for an improved environmental impact.

Sun Grown and All-Natural

Purple Haze: LuMIgrow Lights

A seemingly supernatural light glows pinkish purple in the skies above Copperstate Farm's 40-acre cultivation greenhouse in Snowflake, Arizona. This 'Purple Haze' phenomenon drew international buzz when paired with a rare, low-lying fog, but it's actually a vital part of our grow process.

In partnership with LumiGrow, Copperstate Farms is building a more sustainable industry with our greenhouse lighting technology. Our custom-tailored LumiGrow environment generates a 40 percent greenhouse energy savings, while creating this show-stopping purple glow.

Copperstate Farms continues to adopt leading-edge LumiGrow technologies, from smart lighting solutions to NASA-inspired solar data, to produce consistent, high-quality cannabis while making a positive industry impact.

Copperstate Farms Cultivation Greenhouse
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